Thursday, 24 November 2011

new purchases

I thought I'd let you know what I've recently bought...

In time for Christmas I bought these, I thought it'd be nice to make them with my little brother!

I bought these from Whittard's the tea company, I've never heard of them before but they have a really lovely shop on Buchanan Street in Glasgow.

I also popped into Benefit in House of Fraser and bought their Silky-Finish lipstick in breathless, thanks to Jen for pointing it out to me!

Without flash

With flash. Neither really show the true colour of this but it's a pretty plum shade, but is quite warm. It's vampy and sexy! I love the packaging too.

Been shopping at Accessorize and I got these lovely shoes, I can't wait to wear them out, I thin they flatter my lipstick, if that's possible.

I got a matching necklace and earring set and they also match my shoesies, bad picture the metal looks gold but it's like an antique silver.

Do you like my little bracelet set? There's a bronze butterfly and bird and a little gold flower emblem type thing. Very cute and casual.

The Body Shop, I got The Sparkler All over body shimmer. It's very pretty but I squeezed the atomizer thing bit with the blocker still on and then I took it off and loads came gushing out, this was when I was on the train it was all over me and the floor, I didn't even do anything at first, just stared at it!

Such a pretty bottle!

I bought this brush set for £25, the contents are worth £42. I checked this out too and they did add up to that. Yay!

Also bought the hemp hand cream as I've heard good things. It smells really horrible but it worked really well and I've got this random patch of eczema on my hand and I've never had it before! This dries really quickly, so you can put your gloves back on straight away. Phew!

I also bought a foot file, because my feet are so dry and cracked, a nail file because I'm really enjoying having long nails, the vitamin e eye cream, which was great since under my eyes can get quite dry and Divide and Multiply mascara in black. I had accidentally bought it in brown a few days before as I didn't even think before buying it. Unfortunately, I had opened it but the lady in the body shop told me I could have returned it if I hadn't. This is my perfect mascara I like this kind of brush rather than the sort of fuzzy brushes that just coat it on with no definition.

Finally, to de-stress from all this shopping I bought some of these, I love them! Don't know how to pronounce them though... Montagne Jeunesse???

So, what have you all been buying? x

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