Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bobbi Brown

Last week after Uni I walked over to House of Fraser which is conveniently a five minute walk between the two.
That morning I finally ran out of my Clinique Superbalanced foundation in Alabster, I could no longer bang any out of it without it hurting my hand.
So, I didn't really know what I was going to get, I just presumed I'd get the same thing again. However, across from the Clinique counter was a Bobbi Brown counter, I went over and had a look at the foundations and a Sales Assistant approached me, her name was Louise. I quite happily let her help me because I don't buy foundation without trying it and having a professional apply it and help you choose a matching colour is the least you should do.
We decided to use both a foundation and a concealer, I told Louise I am no good at using concealer, that it always looks cakey and sometimes flakey. So she said she'd show me how to use it properly.
Based on my skin condition which can get dry sometimes when I neglect it we went for the Moisture Rich Foundation SPF15 in Porcelain and the same shade for the Face Touch Up Stick. This is why it's important to test foundations, Bobbi Brown also has an Alabaster and I can't tell the difference in the online samples.

I love the packaging, nice and simple and I prefer the glass bottles.

Foundation and the concealer. They're pretty much an exact match in colour.

Blended in.

I thought that Clinique's Alabaster suited me really well but Bobbi Brown's is even better and far less drying on the skin. You can see they both look quite different, Bobbi Brown's has more yellow tones which is more flattering, Clinique, like other foundations I've seen have more pink tones and I don't understand because it makes me look more pale.

The finished product, just foundation and concealer.

Because my skin was pretty dry on the day I went to House of Fraser Louise used Buffing Grains around my eyebrows and she gave me a sample in a tiny tub but I used the smallest amount and the tub looked untouched.
Now this got me so excited when I used it. My skin was actually clearer than it has ever been and the pores on my nose looked so much smaller. It's the best exfoliator I've ever used and Louise says the full size jar should last about a year. All you do is mix with your favourite cleanser or water, I used water.
I think some people may find it too scrubby but my skin can take it.
So, because I loved it so much I went back and bought the full sized jar along with the Rose Shimmer Brick that she used on my cheeks on the first day and Pale Pink Blush which Louise suggested due to it's blue pigment.

Buffing Grains

Rose Shimmer Brick

Blush in Pale Pink

Sample Rose Shimmer Brick and Pale Pink Blush. They are perfect for me because I have a lot of redness and the blue pigments help disguise this.
These are perfect on their own, the Pale Pink Blush for the day and at night add the Rose Shimmer. This is so perfect for highlighting and you can use the individual colours as eye shadow. Beautiful! Oh and the Pale Pink Blush isn't as bright as that that is a LOT on my finger, it's actually really natural.

Louise showed me how to apply the blushers in the best possible way, if you are not confident in applying these then a make-up artist at your favourite brands counter should be happy to help. At House of Fraser with Bobbi Brown you can book different lessons for free, so Louise gave me the number to get to her as I spoke to her both times and feel confident with how good she is. So in a few weeks I'll be going back to have my eyes made-up for a perfect Winter party look. Stay tuned!

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