Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ooh la la

Fifi Lapin is my one of my favourite bloggers and she has been for a while. I'm really jealous of all the new outfits she can afford straight from the catwalk and her ability to eat lots of carrot cake without it going straight to her ears and tail!
She has her very own style book that includes interviews with top fashion designers from around the world, a lovely boyfriend Sonny who is as cute as she is and occasionally Fifi will indulge us with gossip and news from her life. Why can't I be her?! Well probably as we are different species and I just don't think I can pull off her style. However, some of my favourite parts of her blog are when she offers up her secrets of where she gets her more thrifty wardrobe items and chic but cheap accessories. Speaking of accessories she has her very own shop too which has a limited number of prints of Fifi in her outfits as well as buttons and this shopper
Fifi Lapin shopper which I bought! How gorgeous is that? I love the images chosen for it, Fifi looks so stylish and cool in monochrome (with little rosy cheeks). Definitely worth £24.92 including p&p!

I can't wait to debut my bag and I hope I will appear even minutely more fashionable with Fifi on my arm.

If you're all over the shop and haven't a clue how to dress yourself or if you consider yourself a fashionista like Fifi and would like to compare notes you can wait for it to be back in stock here.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

layers and knits

I recently bought a small collection of clothes from Joe Brown's. Now this is a brand I've never been too sure of, I occasionally get their small catalogue with magazines and normally I would pooh-pooh it's garish, unfashionable clothing, however, this time I looked through it and surprised myself by how much I was liking some of the items.

I went on to the site and found even more things that I liked and ended up buying

The Edgy Jersey Shirt

The tie waist with the ribbon facing the back is so flattering and the shirt has a sort of cute Victorian vibe going on. I also bought the vest that is shown with the shirt because I have no imagination.

You can click on the images if you're interested or would like to buy them. The camisole was £8.95 and the shirt was £29.95.

I also bought the Essential Mixer Top. This is perfect for layering, I like it with all the buttons open so it's slightly baggy with a vest top underneath. The vest top shown in the picture!

I have NO ideas of my own! The vest top is £9.95 and the grey top is £24.95.

Another item I bought is this Mitten Hoody for £44.95.

I don't normally buy things like this as they're a bit too alternative/out there for me. I'd prefer it if the pockets were just normal shaped pockets but I can see that it is quite sweet and winter time is the perfect time for dressing like a child, a warm, cosy child. I did not buy the shown camisole... Although I feel so unsure, maybe I should go and buy it, what am I supposed to wear with it? If I have to decide myself I'll probably end up wearing a swimsuit. Yes, a swimsuit is a good idea, actually. No, really, I'm not that bad. A plain t-shirt is nice to wear with this and some cute dark skinny jeans tucked in to some boots.

THESE boots

for a very reasonable £34.95.

I also bought this Festive Hot water bottle for £12.95 because it's lovely and will be perfect on cold scary evenings to cosy up with.

There was something else which I really wanted to buy but was sold out when I bought everything. It is now back in stock in my size and I am so happy although the stock is limited. I might go for it, it is quite pricey though.

Parisian Jacket

It would look tres chic with the shirt that's shown with it...

Have you ever shopped from here before? Have you ever been surprised like this, by a shop that previously you didn't think much of?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I have bought a truck load of body products lately. And I think after using some of them I can give a pretty good review and I will review the others at a later time once I've used them for longer so as to be fair.

First of all are these Boots Botanics products. This is a brand I never thought to try before but I am really excited about them now and want to sing their praises. Some of them, especially Botanics Organic Nourishing Body Oil 95ml

It is a very small bottle, I would like to make that clear. But this very small bottle looked untouched after covering my whole body with it after one use. And whilst it was a little greasy it was great how quickly my skin drank it in, you could really see the dryer areas soaking it up. My favourite part of this was how my arms looked afterwards. Just plump and delicious and they truly have never felt as soft as this. This is my absolute favourite new product, the only tiny little downside is the smell which is a bit too herby for me, but fortunately it doesn't stay for very long.

Next is Botanics Softening Body Wash 200ml. The price is great, it lathers wonderfully and you don't have to use too much. And the smell lasts for ages. Which is a good thing this time as it smells really nice to me. It says it contains centella which helps to stimulate skin circulation, which is great if you're looking slightly sluggish and dull.

The next great thing is the Botanics Moisturising Body Balm 200ml which has a very similar scent to the body wash. It's a good moisturiser and it's not too sticky. I like that it's a natural product and that it strengthens the scent of the body wash but it's pretty basic and not particularly too special.

The final Botanics product is the Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask 120ml. It has a lovely scent but I was lured in because it said it wouldn't dry out my skin and I didn't feel that it made much of a difference. Normally after cheaper face masks that I've used my pores at least feel clean, but I was quite disappointed.

My other brand new completely fabulous product (which I couldn't be bothered taking a picture of) is a new product by Lush called Ro's Argan Body Conditioner.

First of all whatever I say about this is not enough to describe how amazing this is. It smells like Turkish Delight which is something I don't even like but on your body, smelling like roses and chocolate is really quite sensual. What's different about this product is it's actually a conditioner, at first I just thought it meant it put your body in a better condition, but you actually use it like a hair conditioner but on your body. You put it on in the bath or shower, rub it in, leave for a minute and then wash it off. And you really think at first that it's not going to be anything great, it's not going to do anything for your body because you've washed it off. But it's AMAZGING!!! It leaves your skin so youthful and soft and sexy feeling. It even makes it look amazing. Give this a try, you will not be disappointed. Comes in at a pricey £15.50 but really worth it and just like the Botanics Organic Nourishing Body Oil, you really don't need to use much.

I am surprised that I have found two body moisturisers that are as good as these all at once, but really happy because my skin's gonna' remain soft in this nippy weather.

Last wee thing, bought five different bath bombs/bubble bars from their Christmas collection. And while they don't really do much for your skin or anything, they are so lovely smelling and really great on super cold, frosty nights. You have to try Gingerbread House, it's not too gingery, just warm and spicy and inviting. Buy two, one for your bath and one to keep in your room to smell the joint up with the most gorgeous Christmassy smell.

What are you doing to keep your skin in check over winter? Are you in love with Lush as much as I am?