Monday, 19 December 2011

Hope you are all having a good week so far! I definitely am! Last night I went with my friend Jen to see Russell Howard at the SECC.

See? It's really him! We were actually pretty close to the front, I thought the seats I'd chosen were raised seats but they weren't, he was of course hilarious, I won't say much just in-case you ever go and see the show, 'Right Here, Right Now' it's called, so he came out to this. I think my favourite part of the show was when he talked about how on the rare occasion his girlfriend gets drunk she makes their dog dance and how the dog can tell it's about to happen. There's no way I can describe it so it sounds as funny as he made it sound so I won't bother.

I bought a T-shirt too! It's a guys t-shirt but I thought I could wear it to sleep in! Anyway the night was great, everything was so well timed, we drank a lot and we just had such a good laugh. Definitely a brilliant night.

OK, so I mentioned the Deborah Lippmann nail-polish in my last post that I got with my December glossy box, I really love it but it's a nightmare because it chips really easily and it's extremely difficult to get it off. So I thought I'd do myself a favour and just re-do my nails with a different polish.

I posted a while back about the NARS Drop Dead Gorgeous Set that I bought but didn't post any samples. So here is CHINATOWN, a lovely deep red/plum shade. This nail-polish set is brilliant, I couldn't ask for nail-polish to dry quicker. It's really convenient, especially since I had to paint three layers, although it could maybe have even done with four.

As you can see I treated myself to something from my Christmas list - this is quite a sad thing, to be honest - I went for the Liz Earle skin-care set, finally, and OH MY GOD. I love it. It's so brilliant, I can't believe the different the Cleanse and Polish Hot cloth cleanser does to my skin. It's great because the muslin cloths do quite a decent job at exfoliating, I've never used muslin cloths before and I am so in love with them. There isn't really a scent to the cleanser which I prefer. It is so moisturising and it left my skin really plump and glowing. I have truly never used anything as good. Afterwards I used Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer. Make sure you cover your hair before you spray this all over your face, obviously, and once your done you can leave it to dry or wipe it off, I don't think it matters, I left it to dry anyway and this is the MOST softening toner I've used yet that didn't make my pores look bigger. Finally, the moisturiser. Oh, the moisturiser. It's so good to me, I love it. First of all, although it doesn't really matter it has a lovely smell. It reminds me of something from when I was younger but I can't place it. This moisturiser is so lovely, it sinks in quickly, it isn't at all greasy and you definitely don't need to use too much, also I used this on my eye area and my eyes weren't watering and tired feeling afterwards. Always good! It makes your skin so soft feeling great on dry areas and oily areas. I posted before I wanted the moisturiser for dry skin but I changed my mind after testing it on my hand in the shop. I thought maybe it would be a little too much and I'm glad I went for the Normal/Combination moisturiser as it's perfect for me. I can NOT recommend this enough. It's the best skin products I've ever used, and I've used a LOT.

I also decided to treat myself to a new perfume as I have gone right off Thierry Mugler's Womanity, which is a shame since I only bought it about a month and a half ago. I went for Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau so Fresh. I have tested Daisy before and felt nohting for it but I love this one. It's so sweet smelling. I don't know anything about perfume, but The Perfume Shop, where I bought it from, says the Heart notes are wild rose, violet and apple blossom. Violet is one of my favourite scents actually - I also love Parma Violets. Top notes are raspberry, grapefruit and pear and the Base notes are Plum, Cedarwood and Musk. They say this is a Fruity Floral scent. I dunno, whatever, I just love it. Whenever I get a sweet smelling perfume and I let my mum smell it she ALWAYS says it smells like YSL's Paris, now I've smelled this and I hate it, so, she's wrong. She says it must be because of the lavender - no lavender in this. She's so silly. I normally don't really like big sets that come with moisturisers but I can't believe how much I love the lotion that comes with this, it's only 75ml and I love it, it lasts for ages and is really similar to the perfume, but also different in it's own way. I think if it was exactly the same people would think you had sprayed yourself too much. I was also really happy to get the little miniature perfume with this, I'm saying perfume it's an eau de toilette, anyway, they made a lot of effort with this miniature as it has a flower topper too. I've been searching for the lotion online and it's £22 for 150ml most places, I have seen a few on eBay but I keep missing them because I'm not there. And me, the eBay princess (not queen yet) of all people. Very disappointing.

So, if you feel like buying me a present for no reason then the lotion would be great (wishful thinking).
I'm going to finish watching Love Actually now, my favourite parts are when Liam Neeson tries to help his step-son with the girl he loves. Why is it when Liam Neeson plays a dad he is always a really awesome one?
I have an early night tonight because I STILL have this Games Programming coursework to finish. After some thinking I've decided to get the bus again after my pretty bad experience last week, never felt so sick in ages! I just think this would make much more sense if I'm wearing wedged boots as it takes me straight to Uni!

Anyway, I hope you're all in a wintery, cosy mood and relaxing lots, I can't wait to join you when I'm finished all this rubbish work!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Glossy Box and other things

Hello lovelies, I am so pleased to have more followers, I am just having the best week! Uni is almost over for me and I'm feeling proud of myself for getting through the rest of this term and getting my coursework done when I didn't feel up to it at all. But that's gone now. I have been doing well on my diet and although at first it was really the heart break diet, when that feeling was gone I still managed to stick to my diet and now I feel great. On Sunday me and my friend are going to see Russell Howard at the SECC and I really can not way, that is really my idea of fun! I am not really into going out and drinking loads and I hate crowded places, that's just me though and I know everyone is different!
I have just downloaded spotify, it's quite good apart from the ads, I bet most people think I'm putting it to waste though... I keep listening to Cher Lloyd's 'With Ur Love' I like that, that spelling of your. I don't care anyway! It's soo catchy and I'll never be one of those Kerrang/NME readers, I mean I love movies way more than I like music and I'd never read a magazine about them and I bet there would be so much more to say about movies too. Which is clearly why these people are just show offs...

OK, so this months Glossy Box arrived

It's been my favourite so far because I actually liked EVERYTHING that came in it. Also, they changed the box to red for Christmas, aw! This box was so worth £10 (not including p&p...) and let me show you why!

First of all I was so excited to see this in the box, a full size mascara called Nouveau Lashes. The shade I was given was black which I was glad of. The brush size is small and I prefer these sort of brushes, I tried it out quickly and it was really quite good, but next time I'll make more effort to sit down and use it but so far I really like what I've seen. The full size product which I was sent costs £14.99. Already with this I get more than my moneys worth, but there is more goodies!!

A product from Rituals! Yay! I love their website and so wanted to get some things, I'm glad it was a bath product because that collection has been on my eyes for a while. This is their T'ai Chi White Lotus & Green Tea foaming shower gel sensation. I liked this I used it this very night and while it wasn't very moisturising it was very cleansing and fresh. The scent was a little overpowering and it really just reminded me of Imperial Leathers Foamburst Japanese Spa which I have used before but this product was worse than not moisturising because it actually made my skin more dry, not good. So I'd really like to try some of the other foaming shower gels in the range and I really quite like the packaging, there's also a Dragon Mud body scrub of theirs I've got my eyes on.
Also, be careful of this, it went all over the place, I swear that's the product on my floor not something else. Haaa.... ew.

I was also sent this lipgloss by Cargo in shade Paris. I would never have chosen this for myself but I really, really like it. It's really pretty and has a little bit of colour and it's really shimmery. It's just pretty!

Probably my favourite product in the box was Deborah Lippman's Razzle Dazzle mini nail varnish. As you can see for yourself it's gorgeous and great if you have a poor technique because it's gritty tecture means you can just slap it on all over the place. A Stripped to Go sachet was also sent with this, it says for a pack of just six of these is £14, that's a bit ridiculous I think. Please excuse my short nails, three of them decided to snap off last week so I had to cut the others down to match.

First Aid Beauty or FAB's face cleanser was a nice surprise too, as skin care is what I like most out of all beauty products. Obviously, if your skin is good, make-up can only make it look better. This smelled really, really bad, it smelled exactly like Clinique's cleanser from the 3 part skin care routine of theirs which I hated. It really smells like sick. As a cleanser it was OK but I have used much better. You can see the whole range at Boots.
Finally, I think the best thing about this Glossy Box was there was no perfume samples. I'm kidding, poor old Glossy Box tries its best.

Bydaway, there is a Glossy Box for men which, if you have a boyfriend, would be so cute to get for him because I bet he'd love it even if he only does it to make you laugh as you try out the different products on him! Boys can be sweet like that!

I bought a few other goodies this week!

Oh my GOSH how lovely are these shoes, I bought them from Accessorize for £26. These are the prettiest little things I've ever seen, perfect for prancing around Paris!

I also got this scarf from Accessorize, what can I say, it was 3 for 2 that day. Although I'm not going to show you what else I got, I don't want to show you everything I wear! After telling my mum the little story of how I shall wear my shoes to Paris she tried to come up with something cute sounding for this scarf, she said I can wear it in late summer nights to cover my shoulders when it gets a little breezy. Aw!

I bought a few cosmetic bags to start storing all of my things into, it's better than just having everything scattered everywhere and also they were cute. Next time I think I'll give more thought into it and search for something with compartments, but I really did need these because I keep on buying make-up and products!

Also I am going to become a dentist.
Sorry, no really I bought these for my own teeth because I really want to have sparkling white teeth, I have used Blanx toothpaste before and it's really good.

You may also be wondering how I got on with the new Herbal Essences care range. One word to describe it would be shite, but I'll try a bit harder and say that it made my hair crispy, too puffy on top, my short layers looked like I had some sort of mullet and the lengths were all fluffy and straight. I would say if you have the sort of hair that it says this product would be good for, then don't get it and if you have really fine hair then go for it.

Apart from that I have just been having some fun and like I said can't wait for the weekend! Oh, also, I have become a little addicted to looking at meme sites, when I have the time to now... Seriously can not stop laughing at these stupid things, as well as that, after having a really good discussion with my Games Programming module leader I found it interesting how games programming works which is so not what I wanted to happen...
Anyway I hope everyone else who gets their monthly Glossy Box enjoyed theirs as much as me, if you are in need of a good laugh I will leave you with Scumbag Steve, or Blake Boston, who thinks Scumbag Steve is his alter ego... ‎'I think the original person who made up Scumbag Steve was actually trying to ruin me, because I'm an aspiring hip-hop artist.' Yeah, they did it out of jealousy. xxx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hope everyone has had a lovely week, today I visited my gran with my mum, my gran stays in Biggar. She was recently in hospital for a month she's back home now after having a few renovations done to her house to make things easier. She fell a couple of days ago and hit her head, she had her alert necklace so that was OK and someone came to help her up. I do love my gran very much she is so wonderful and funny, I think she is such a cool gran but I am also really worried about her and a bit upset that these things are happening. Before we left she told me she loves me to bits, I definitely am closer to her than my brothers are, I visit her quite a lot actually, I'm a pretty great grand-daughter! But she makes it so easy. Anyway, I took my little brother around the shops as they have some really cute, unique shops in Biggar.

First we went to Plaisir I picked out a locket for my gran to give me for Christmas and bought my brother a dinosaur origami kit... it's what he wanted. Look at the website and you can see some picture from inside the shop, the staff are sooo friendly. They also do a free gift-wrapping service and since the present was for John I let him pick. Of course he chose the least Christmassy looking paper.

Next we went to Cloud Nine and I bought some lovely candles, they have the fanciness of Diptyque candles but without the price they were both £6.99 and pretty large. I don't really like scented candles, I really just like candles for their cosy glow. These are scented amber and smell dark and wintery.

Finally to Atkinson Pryce bookshop and this is a really proper old looking bookshop it's lovely and has a little fireplace. The children's section has to be the best it's full of cute little finds. I bought four books and also two books yesterday from Tesco (the two with the £11 stickers).

I have read a book by Sarah Waters before The Night Watch set during the 40s around the second world war and it follows 3 women and one man in London. It's so great I love the setting, that's all I'll say, definitely read it. I've started reading Fingersmith already because the really nice lady in the shop told me it's absolutely brilliant. I am finding the language hard - 1862, it just makes the story go so slow. Anyway it's about an orphan and she was brought up by and around petty thieves. Thieving is all that has happened so far. I'll persevere. I also bought Night Circus, it's a circus that is only on at night and everything in it is black and white, it's also set in the 1800's, I like circus' and I think they seem really exciting especially old ones, maybe this is my obsession with The Famous Five that makes me think they're so special. The Catcher in the Rye only because I've always wanted a copy of it rather than the one that I once renewed for about a year from the Library. I think this book is hilarious and the character is complicated but he reminds me of another complicated boy I know. There's also a new Sherlock Holmes book there that's meant to be set after he is dead, I bet lots of people no doubt threw a fit over this book, but I haven't read any of the original ones, although I have always intended to.

I'm also reading...

I get this for the pictures and the beauty section, definitely not for the clothes, although I can still look. My favourite magazine is Glamour, for the price, the funny articles and balance between affordable and expensive pieces as well as all the other junk they cram into it is so worth £2. Unlike the £4.10 I paid for Vogue. I really wanted it for the interview with Florence Welch.
I can enjoy this with some G&Ts later on.


Well we got our Christmas TreeS up, yes more than one. I bought one because my mum said she'd like another one in our dining room/family room thing. We just really call it the extension.

I absolutely do not believe my mum when she says she had John help her, more like she yelled out co-ordinates. Why so perfect?! We used to have loads of old baubles she kept some, but only ones that matched her red and gold theme.

Here is mine

I like mine, it's cute I think but not too bright. I have had a lot of my own baubles for years and never used them, that probably sounds sad. So I really only had to buy the 4ft tree which was £15 from Homebase, two bits of tinsel some fairy lights and my angel, and oh man, how cute is she? Kind of ugly too. I should have been decorating this tree with someone special at our own place, regret can make you feel sick.

Finally this week I bought a few new things, on Friday I bought this new top from Dorothy Perkins.

I got some Vaseline intensive rescue moisture locking body lotion for dry and very dry skin. It says it's new but I dunno how new, but this stuff is great, it really DOES sink in quickly which I love and the vaseline moisturisers always smell so nice. I used this on my patch of eczema on my hand last night and it wasn't itchy at all today. I know, EWWW, eczema, I've never had eczema before and then it appeared about a few months ago, I think it's stress. The simple face wipes just for days when I don't plan on wearing any make-up and I can freshen up in the morning. The simple face wipes are the best I've ever tried, they make my pores look really clean and don't leave my skin dry, shiny and red.

Finally saw an ad for this and was tempted, I haven't used it yet and I will review this but I guess the whole point of this is to not then straighten or curl your hair, so it would have to be really smoothing if you have rough hair. I can tell how I'll probably feel about this already, I'll hate it. But I'll give it a shot, who knows

Oh, I can NOT stop listening to Ed Sheeran's Lego House on spotify. I don't know what I like better, the lyrics or the video where Rupert Grint plays a crazed fan who dresses like him, styles his hair like him, breaks into his tour bus and chews on some used chewing gum of Ed's.
If you were to go onto my old Sims games, in a lot of the houses you'd find Rupert and Nicole Grint. HAHA. 'Buns of steel and washboard abs. Rupert received 1 Body Skill point!' And you are all welcome, clearly that paid off, he looks good.
Me and my mum were listening to this song on the way home from my grans today, 'Oh, that reminds me I have a paint by numbers from last year I've still to use'. 'That's what you got from this song, mum? Also, PAINT BY NUMBERS??' She is so cute.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My fairly unreasonable Christmas wish list

You can click on the image to enlarge it.

1. This gorgeous Emele top from Reiss. I love the polka dots and the back is so different. Definitely have to buy this myself though.

2. I love this beautiful Reiss Jillie sheepskin jacket. I am going to be waiting and wishing that this goes in the sale because it's £595. I am more than happy to pay for it as this would truly last forever. It's the first fur jacket I've ever liked, it's a flattering shape and length and not too puffy. I do feel bad about it, but you could never find something as beautiful as this if it was faux fur.

3. Another Reiss item. This Windsor satchel. I think these three items would all go lovely together. Gorgeous colour.

4. Onto more realistic items, kind of. These Moschino Contrast Bow gloves. So pretty, you can buy them from ASOS, or you could, out of stock now.

5. Bobbi Brown's Party To Go Palette. OK this is so much easier than trying to buy separate items to come up with a vampy look it has it all really, but my favourite part of this palette is the lip colours, especially the Midnight Violet lipgloss. I don't normally buy palette's but I could really love all of the items in this one.

6. NARS Holiday 2011 Eyeshadow Trio in Arabian Nights. Ohh, I'm so excited about this. Please get me it.

7. I have kept an article written by Sophie Dahl in Vogue from a few years ago in which she writes about ageless perfumes. The original Feminite du Bois was a collaboration between different perfumers for Shiseido but was re-released in 2009 under Serge Lutens' name. Sophie wrote, 'I am almost loath to describe it here because it is one of the most extraordinary scents I have ever come across, but swallowing my more childish nature, I surrender, and offer it up to you. It's the sort of bottle Alice in Wonderland would drink to fall down her rabbit hole - unassuming, but filled with great power... This is the forest floor of Wonderland - cedarwood, orange blossom, rose, beeswax, clove and plum, tripping gently over each other. It is an enigma because it has a bit of everything, and thus should feel busy, but instead, it trails in gently like a rare creature of myth, a maenad maybe, or an elfish queen.'
I've kept this folded in half, for almost three years in the back of a book re-reading it occasionally because it makes me happy to think of a fragrance having such an impact on someone's mind and imagination. I could never justify buying a perfume that cost this much before, but now I am in a position in which I can afford it and I can't wait.

8. I'm sure everyone has seen these by now, I don't really like their full eyelash sets but the corner lashes for both top and bottom lashes are so pretty. These little peacock lashes are my favourite.

9. These Accessorize Dog Ballerina Slippers just cause they're cute.

10, 11, 12. This is a skin-care set I have wanted to try for years and I don't know why I haven't because I have definitely spent a lot more money on things that weren't even that good. Liz Earle's three step skin-care set is meant to be the best of the best. I would get the dry/sensitive skin moisturiser because, obviously, that's the sort of skin I have!

13. I would love these ASOS Chuck suede boots. Aherm, size 5.

14. And finally, mostly cause it's cute, Harajuku Lovers Jingle G perfume. I know Superdrug says Jongle, but it's Jingle.

Has anyone else got a very specific list of things they'd love? Honestly, I'd prefer surprises just as well. Also, family, friends, someone to love - all more important.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Sunday, 4 December 2011

dust off the cobwebs

Chanel-o, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I've had a funny one.

I took my cousins daughter, Mirren, to see Breaking Dawn today. I had already watched it online a couple of times but on screen the whole movie from when she gets pregnant I felt like I wanted to be sick. She really, really looked in pain and so emaciated.
Anyway, we had a nice time and it was nice to treat someone as I don't have a little sister to do nice things like that with.

I got rechargeable batteries for my camera, so there's no excuses for poor quality pictures.

I wanted to find a lip balm for winter that doesn't sit on my lips like Vaseline but really sinks in and makes them super soft and this is it, Korres Lip Butter. The shade is Jasmine, it doesn't smell like jasmine thankfully, I hate Jasmine, it smells really sweet and makes your lips a nice pinky colour. It's perfect.

Stila's Smudge Pot in Kitten is gorgeous it really is, but this has some sort of industrial strength and is the hardest thing I've ever tried to remove... (?) even with eye make-up remover. The colour is maybe a little paler on than it is in the tub which is good, I can't wait to create a smokey eye with this but it's nice just on it's own for the day, not too sparkly. I like how creamy it is and it doesn't crease at all.

Like my new shoes? ASOS! I wish I'd held off though, because I found a pair I like even better. Hmph.

And this is my new scarf from Topshop, it has skulls and feathers.

Ring also from Topshop. I have a love/hate relationship with skulls just now. I love them during the day and I hate them at night. I make sure I can't see them. Actually, this ring is a bit creepy any time of day.

Me and my new scarf, be kind I'm not wearing any make-up.

In a little heart to heart with whoever reads this, I just came out of a two year relationship, we had our own flat together, we paid bills, we went to the hospital when I was ill, we did grown-up things by ourselves. Now this is over I may have become disillusioned as to what to expect from guys. Maybe not everyone can handle maturity like my ex, we could tell each other anything. I think the scariest thing is having to get to know someone again, you think you can't know anyone as well as you knew them or no-one will ever understand you and learn to do or say the things you like. I'm used to being straight forward and saying whatever is on my mind because, well, why wouldn't you? I'm confused by mind games. I'm scared of being with someone knew and I'm scared because I don't know how to reciprocate mind games. I can't help but be straight forward and I don't think I could ever have a casual relationship with anyone again, because I've seen the other side and it's the best thing to have someone love you and to love them back. And I need to find the person to do that with and who can treat me just as well, because the absolute least I and any girl deserve is to be completely adored.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Just a little post today to keep this blog going. I bought some new make-up online, preparing for my vampy New Years look.

First of all is Topshop's lipstick in BEGUILED.

I love the packaging and btw the pics are so crap took them on the phone, the camera on my phone is really hit and miss, sometimes it can be brilliant. I did buy other make-up but I'll wait until I can remember to put batteries in my camera.
This is much darker than the pics show, it's a really deep plum, really dark. One layer and a bit of smudging with the old finger and you can get a really good stain effect or you can layer and it's very gothic.

I layered this with Illamasqua's Hermetic lipgloss. This is very misleading and is much darker than in the tube, it went on almost black.

Much darker than the pics show!

Hermetic, Beguiled.

I'll also be experimenting with my new NARS Drop Dead Gorgeous set.

L>R: Arabesque, CHINATOWN, Candy Darling, Saratoga

The surprise in this box which I didn't think I'd like was Candy Darling as it's not too pink or too white. Just a tiny hint of colour.

I'll take pics of the other colours next time, but my favourite of them all is CHINATOWN. It's so gorgeous and flattering.
And like I said I won't take any more pics with my phone.