Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hope everyone has had a lovely week, today I visited my gran with my mum, my gran stays in Biggar. She was recently in hospital for a month she's back home now after having a few renovations done to her house to make things easier. She fell a couple of days ago and hit her head, she had her alert necklace so that was OK and someone came to help her up. I do love my gran very much she is so wonderful and funny, I think she is such a cool gran but I am also really worried about her and a bit upset that these things are happening. Before we left she told me she loves me to bits, I definitely am closer to her than my brothers are, I visit her quite a lot actually, I'm a pretty great grand-daughter! But she makes it so easy. Anyway, I took my little brother around the shops as they have some really cute, unique shops in Biggar.

First we went to Plaisir I picked out a locket for my gran to give me for Christmas and bought my brother a dinosaur origami kit... it's what he wanted. Look at the website and you can see some picture from inside the shop, the staff are sooo friendly. They also do a free gift-wrapping service and since the present was for John I let him pick. Of course he chose the least Christmassy looking paper.

Next we went to Cloud Nine and I bought some lovely candles, they have the fanciness of Diptyque candles but without the price they were both £6.99 and pretty large. I don't really like scented candles, I really just like candles for their cosy glow. These are scented amber and smell dark and wintery.

Finally to Atkinson Pryce bookshop and this is a really proper old looking bookshop it's lovely and has a little fireplace. The children's section has to be the best it's full of cute little finds. I bought four books and also two books yesterday from Tesco (the two with the £11 stickers).

I have read a book by Sarah Waters before The Night Watch set during the 40s around the second world war and it follows 3 women and one man in London. It's so great I love the setting, that's all I'll say, definitely read it. I've started reading Fingersmith already because the really nice lady in the shop told me it's absolutely brilliant. I am finding the language hard - 1862, it just makes the story go so slow. Anyway it's about an orphan and she was brought up by and around petty thieves. Thieving is all that has happened so far. I'll persevere. I also bought Night Circus, it's a circus that is only on at night and everything in it is black and white, it's also set in the 1800's, I like circus' and I think they seem really exciting especially old ones, maybe this is my obsession with The Famous Five that makes me think they're so special. The Catcher in the Rye only because I've always wanted a copy of it rather than the one that I once renewed for about a year from the Library. I think this book is hilarious and the character is complicated but he reminds me of another complicated boy I know. There's also a new Sherlock Holmes book there that's meant to be set after he is dead, I bet lots of people no doubt threw a fit over this book, but I haven't read any of the original ones, although I have always intended to.

I'm also reading...

I get this for the pictures and the beauty section, definitely not for the clothes, although I can still look. My favourite magazine is Glamour, for the price, the funny articles and balance between affordable and expensive pieces as well as all the other junk they cram into it is so worth £2. Unlike the £4.10 I paid for Vogue. I really wanted it for the interview with Florence Welch.
I can enjoy this with some G&Ts later on.


Well we got our Christmas TreeS up, yes more than one. I bought one because my mum said she'd like another one in our dining room/family room thing. We just really call it the extension.

I absolutely do not believe my mum when she says she had John help her, more like she yelled out co-ordinates. Why so perfect?! We used to have loads of old baubles she kept some, but only ones that matched her red and gold theme.

Here is mine

I like mine, it's cute I think but not too bright. I have had a lot of my own baubles for years and never used them, that probably sounds sad. So I really only had to buy the 4ft tree which was £15 from Homebase, two bits of tinsel some fairy lights and my angel, and oh man, how cute is she? Kind of ugly too. I should have been decorating this tree with someone special at our own place, regret can make you feel sick.

Finally this week I bought a few new things, on Friday I bought this new top from Dorothy Perkins.

I got some Vaseline intensive rescue moisture locking body lotion for dry and very dry skin. It says it's new but I dunno how new, but this stuff is great, it really DOES sink in quickly which I love and the vaseline moisturisers always smell so nice. I used this on my patch of eczema on my hand last night and it wasn't itchy at all today. I know, EWWW, eczema, I've never had eczema before and then it appeared about a few months ago, I think it's stress. The simple face wipes just for days when I don't plan on wearing any make-up and I can freshen up in the morning. The simple face wipes are the best I've ever tried, they make my pores look really clean and don't leave my skin dry, shiny and red.

Finally saw an ad for this and was tempted, I haven't used it yet and I will review this but I guess the whole point of this is to not then straighten or curl your hair, so it would have to be really smoothing if you have rough hair. I can tell how I'll probably feel about this already, I'll hate it. But I'll give it a shot, who knows

Oh, I can NOT stop listening to Ed Sheeran's Lego House on spotify. I don't know what I like better, the lyrics or the video where Rupert Grint plays a crazed fan who dresses like him, styles his hair like him, breaks into his tour bus and chews on some used chewing gum of Ed's.
If you were to go onto my old Sims games, in a lot of the houses you'd find Rupert and Nicole Grint. HAHA. 'Buns of steel and washboard abs. Rupert received 1 Body Skill point!' And you are all welcome, clearly that paid off, he looks good.
Me and my mum were listening to this song on the way home from my grans today, 'Oh, that reminds me I have a paint by numbers from last year I've still to use'. 'That's what you got from this song, mum? Also, PAINT BY NUMBERS??' She is so cute.

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