Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Glossy Box and other things

Hello lovelies, I am so pleased to have more followers, I am just having the best week! Uni is almost over for me and I'm feeling proud of myself for getting through the rest of this term and getting my coursework done when I didn't feel up to it at all. But that's gone now. I have been doing well on my diet and although at first it was really the heart break diet, when that feeling was gone I still managed to stick to my diet and now I feel great. On Sunday me and my friend are going to see Russell Howard at the SECC and I really can not way, that is really my idea of fun! I am not really into going out and drinking loads and I hate crowded places, that's just me though and I know everyone is different!
I have just downloaded spotify, it's quite good apart from the ads, I bet most people think I'm putting it to waste though... I keep listening to Cher Lloyd's 'With Ur Love' I like that, that spelling of your. I don't care anyway! It's soo catchy and I'll never be one of those Kerrang/NME readers, I mean I love movies way more than I like music and I'd never read a magazine about them and I bet there would be so much more to say about movies too. Which is clearly why these people are just show offs...

OK, so this months Glossy Box arrived

It's been my favourite so far because I actually liked EVERYTHING that came in it. Also, they changed the box to red for Christmas, aw! This box was so worth £10 (not including p&p...) and let me show you why!

First of all I was so excited to see this in the box, a full size mascara called Nouveau Lashes. The shade I was given was black which I was glad of. The brush size is small and I prefer these sort of brushes, I tried it out quickly and it was really quite good, but next time I'll make more effort to sit down and use it but so far I really like what I've seen. The full size product which I was sent costs £14.99. Already with this I get more than my moneys worth, but there is more goodies!!

A product from Rituals! Yay! I love their website and so wanted to get some things, I'm glad it was a bath product because that collection has been on my eyes for a while. This is their T'ai Chi White Lotus & Green Tea foaming shower gel sensation. I liked this I used it this very night and while it wasn't very moisturising it was very cleansing and fresh. The scent was a little overpowering and it really just reminded me of Imperial Leathers Foamburst Japanese Spa which I have used before but this product was worse than not moisturising because it actually made my skin more dry, not good. So I'd really like to try some of the other foaming shower gels in the range and I really quite like the packaging, there's also a Dragon Mud body scrub of theirs I've got my eyes on.
Also, be careful of this, it went all over the place, I swear that's the product on my floor not something else. Haaa.... ew.

I was also sent this lipgloss by Cargo in shade Paris. I would never have chosen this for myself but I really, really like it. It's really pretty and has a little bit of colour and it's really shimmery. It's just pretty!

Probably my favourite product in the box was Deborah Lippman's Razzle Dazzle mini nail varnish. As you can see for yourself it's gorgeous and great if you have a poor technique because it's gritty tecture means you can just slap it on all over the place. A Stripped to Go sachet was also sent with this, it says for a pack of just six of these is £14, that's a bit ridiculous I think. Please excuse my short nails, three of them decided to snap off last week so I had to cut the others down to match.

First Aid Beauty or FAB's face cleanser was a nice surprise too, as skin care is what I like most out of all beauty products. Obviously, if your skin is good, make-up can only make it look better. This smelled really, really bad, it smelled exactly like Clinique's cleanser from the 3 part skin care routine of theirs which I hated. It really smells like sick. As a cleanser it was OK but I have used much better. You can see the whole range at Boots.
Finally, I think the best thing about this Glossy Box was there was no perfume samples. I'm kidding, poor old Glossy Box tries its best.

Bydaway, there is a Glossy Box for men which, if you have a boyfriend, would be so cute to get for him because I bet he'd love it even if he only does it to make you laugh as you try out the different products on him! Boys can be sweet like that!

I bought a few other goodies this week!

Oh my GOSH how lovely are these shoes, I bought them from Accessorize for £26. These are the prettiest little things I've ever seen, perfect for prancing around Paris!

I also got this scarf from Accessorize, what can I say, it was 3 for 2 that day. Although I'm not going to show you what else I got, I don't want to show you everything I wear! After telling my mum the little story of how I shall wear my shoes to Paris she tried to come up with something cute sounding for this scarf, she said I can wear it in late summer nights to cover my shoulders when it gets a little breezy. Aw!

I bought a few cosmetic bags to start storing all of my things into, it's better than just having everything scattered everywhere and also they were cute. Next time I think I'll give more thought into it and search for something with compartments, but I really did need these because I keep on buying make-up and products!

Also I am going to become a dentist.
Sorry, no really I bought these for my own teeth because I really want to have sparkling white teeth, I have used Blanx toothpaste before and it's really good.

You may also be wondering how I got on with the new Herbal Essences care range. One word to describe it would be shite, but I'll try a bit harder and say that it made my hair crispy, too puffy on top, my short layers looked like I had some sort of mullet and the lengths were all fluffy and straight. I would say if you have the sort of hair that it says this product would be good for, then don't get it and if you have really fine hair then go for it.

Apart from that I have just been having some fun and like I said can't wait for the weekend! Oh, also, I have become a little addicted to looking at meme sites, when I have the time to now... Seriously can not stop laughing at these stupid things, as well as that, after having a really good discussion with my Games Programming module leader I found it interesting how games programming works which is so not what I wanted to happen...
Anyway I hope everyone else who gets their monthly Glossy Box enjoyed theirs as much as me, if you are in need of a good laugh I will leave you with Scumbag Steve, or Blake Boston, who thinks Scumbag Steve is his alter ego... ‎'I think the original person who made up Scumbag Steve was actually trying to ruin me, because I'm an aspiring hip-hop artist.' Yeah, they did it out of jealousy. xxx

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