Thursday, 20 October 2011

layers and knits

I recently bought a small collection of clothes from Joe Brown's. Now this is a brand I've never been too sure of, I occasionally get their small catalogue with magazines and normally I would pooh-pooh it's garish, unfashionable clothing, however, this time I looked through it and surprised myself by how much I was liking some of the items.

I went on to the site and found even more things that I liked and ended up buying

The Edgy Jersey Shirt

The tie waist with the ribbon facing the back is so flattering and the shirt has a sort of cute Victorian vibe going on. I also bought the vest that is shown with the shirt because I have no imagination.

You can click on the images if you're interested or would like to buy them. The camisole was £8.95 and the shirt was £29.95.

I also bought the Essential Mixer Top. This is perfect for layering, I like it with all the buttons open so it's slightly baggy with a vest top underneath. The vest top shown in the picture!

I have NO ideas of my own! The vest top is £9.95 and the grey top is £24.95.

Another item I bought is this Mitten Hoody for £44.95.

I don't normally buy things like this as they're a bit too alternative/out there for me. I'd prefer it if the pockets were just normal shaped pockets but I can see that it is quite sweet and winter time is the perfect time for dressing like a child, a warm, cosy child. I did not buy the shown camisole... Although I feel so unsure, maybe I should go and buy it, what am I supposed to wear with it? If I have to decide myself I'll probably end up wearing a swimsuit. Yes, a swimsuit is a good idea, actually. No, really, I'm not that bad. A plain t-shirt is nice to wear with this and some cute dark skinny jeans tucked in to some boots.

THESE boots

for a very reasonable £34.95.

I also bought this Festive Hot water bottle for £12.95 because it's lovely and will be perfect on cold scary evenings to cosy up with.

There was something else which I really wanted to buy but was sold out when I bought everything. It is now back in stock in my size and I am so happy although the stock is limited. I might go for it, it is quite pricey though.

Parisian Jacket

It would look tres chic with the shirt that's shown with it...

Have you ever shopped from here before? Have you ever been surprised like this, by a shop that previously you didn't think much of?

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