Tuesday, 6 September 2011

inside my Make-Up bag

I LOVE seeing what people keep in their make-up bags, sometimes you see a lot of posts on different products but those may just be reviews, doing these sorts of posts really shows just which products bloggers really do value and I think that it really can say a good deal about a person in their choice of products.

This is my make-up bag, it's a little shabby but I really love it. I got it free with a magazine a while ago, a collaboration with cowshed.

So, this is everything inside, I dunno how, but it all fits in, just.

I'll start off with my cleanser and moisturiser. I really am such a huge fan of trying different skin-care products I don't think I've ever re-bought the same product twice. Some people are critical of how much money I spend on skin-care and hair products but I can't help myself. I'll gladly sacrifice many things, like having fun, to buy them, though they are really fun for me, sometimes when everyone else is out partying and drinking I sit with my products on my bed and look at them... Those are equally fun!!! Anyway, so these are a high street brand, not too expensive around about £5 per product, but I'm sure I got these in a deal at Superdrug 3 for 2, I also got an exfoliator but I don't use it regularly.
The cleanser Morning Clear has a scent that I can not place, but it seems so familiar and it's really yummy and sweet smelling. Wet face and use as any normal cleanser, however this leaves my skin soft like no cleanser I've tried before, and I have tried a lot, afterwards when I wash it off, my skin feels like I have already used a moisturiser but doesn't leave it greasy just really clear, almost peachy soft and it looks soft too which is important to me.
I think these products are supposed to be for young skin but I think if you don't have too many problems with your skin such as acne or really oily skin I don't see why anyone can't use it. To make my skin super-soft I use the Morning Dew moisturiser afterwards which has a different scent but it is also very refreshing and natural smelling. This is a good base for make-up, it soaks in really fast and leaves skin matte, almost like a primer. Try them even if it's only for their scent, but trust me they will make your skin extremely soft and clean feeling.

The first of my products here are all Clinique. I do think Clinque can't be beaten for it's skin-matching make-up. The foundation is the superbalanced makeup in Alabaster. My skin has pink undertones where as this is more yellowy, however, I think this just balances my skin-tone and leaves is a lovely creamy colour. The foundation is slightly oily on my T-Zone but it's definitely worth it for it's coverage and exact skin-tone match. To even this out i use the Invisible Blend face powder in shade 20. This is like a veil over my face, it isn't absorbed by my pores, it just evens them and truly makes them invisible. I only sweep this over my t-zone and it just matches the foundation so well without looking too powdery. I blend this into my cheeks for a while though, because I like more coverage there because of some redness I have and it just really buffs into my skin and the longer I brush it in the more natural the look is at the end. I'll make it clear I do not put more of the powder on to the brush while I do this, I only use what I put on at the beginning and continuously buff otherwise I think it would look like I just threw talc on my face.
The superbalm moisturising gloss is in shade no. 10 Grapefruit. It is a sheer colour, however if a little bit of foundation goes on to my lips I leave it and use the lip gloss over it and you can see a light, natural pink. Even when this rubs off my lips look lovely and soft.

Here are my Boots No7 products. First up is the Heavenly Hydration face mask. I have to say this stings a little, especially if you use it straight after cleansing, but that's OK, it's just working right?! You wipe this off with tissues and then rinse and just wow, your skin is so, so soft and it's really visible too, I think this is really good for evening out my skin tone.

The Exceptional Definition mascara is my favourite mascara. This doesn't clump and leaves a natural pretty look, you can build it up for a night time look, but for during the day I just use one or two coats in the shade Brown/Black.
I got the Define & Shimmer Eye Palette free with the mascara last Autumn and the colours really reflect this. They are perfect for the time of year and since we are entering Autumn again I'll be using them soon.

The only problem with this is that the palette is not very pigmented. It's too powdery and it just sits on the skin rather than blend in, when I use it there are actual little dots of the shadow sitting on my lid. What I do love about this is that I use the dark brown/purple shade (third from left), which although looks more brown here it has a slight purple shimmer to it, as an eyeliner and this is easy to do with the brush that comes with the palette, one side is for defining and i use this on my upper lids right next to my lashes and for a smokey look I'll also do my lower lids. Although never just lower, especially during the day as this looks terrible and makes you look tired and droopy!

Here is another favourite of mine - Benefit You Rebel Lite, spf 15. I think the formula for this tinted moisturiser is perfect. Every time I have tried one it's too orange and when I blend it in it is patchy and dry. This is super moisturising and so creamy and the coverage, although a little darker than my skin-tone is really great because if I blend it well then it leaves me looking sun-kissed and it still covers my pores and red patches but I would also say it's cute cause it still shows things like freckles and is just much more natural for during the day. Sometimes I follow this with Invisible Blend powder because it can sometimes be greasy.
The High Beam highlighter, I got free with a magazine, I don't like it and the sheer pink just makes me look flustered.

The eye palette is Ruby & Millie and the shades are more pigmented than the previous No7 palette. The shades are similar but I think are a little more flattering and the triangle and the shade at the bottom is a lovely grey/purple which is my favourite shade.

The vaseline lip balm is quite self-explanatory, it moisturises my lips and isn't too shiny which is perfect for the day!
My contacts and my eye drops for when they dry out and make my eyes hurt.

This Bourjois blusher is in shade Rose de Jaspe, it's pretty, pink and leaves me with a healthy glow. It has a little gold shimmer too and I just use it on the apple of my cheeks. The only thing is the crappy brush, which I don't like the bristles seem in pretty bad condition, kind of scratchy.

I should have put this at the beginning with my cleanser but I think it's very special. It's a French soap, I think it's meant to be like Savon de Marseille but as far as I know the original soap doesn't have a fragrance? Correct me if I'm wrong. These are similar ingredients but there are many fragrances to choose from. The soap is moisturising, lathers really well and with regular use balances your skin really well. Really it is simple, fuss free and really how skin-care should be. Also... I chose violette, or violet, because it smells exactly like parma violets which are my asbolute favourite sweet ever!

So, what do you all keep in your make-up bags?

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